O U R   S T O R Y



Names: DLC, DeLux

Mascot: Panda

Flower: Orchid

Colors: Palace baby blue, black, and silver

Motto: "Reach for the stars but remain down to earth."




Academics are an important part of Delta Lambda Chi. We strive to find a balance of social activities while still maintaining high academic standards. We believe that being in a sorority should enhance your college experience, not hinder it.




We at Delta Lambda Chi believe that giving back to the community is an important part of everyday life. Here are some of the organizations whom we have worked with:


Toys for Tots

Orange County Burrito Project


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Delta Lambda Chi was founded on the principles of everlasting loyalty and sisterhood.

The founder, Christine Lee, aspired to create a new kind of sorority with a unique mission that would set it apart from other sororities. This dream became a reality on Feburary 9, 2002, when the original 9 sisters made a vow to each other to maintain and pass down the legacy they created.



Delta Lambda Chi aspires to bond dignified individuals who are dedicated to the values of moral excellence and everlasting sisterhood. As we strive to elicit the highest quality in service, leadership, and academic aptitute, we also commit ourselves to experiences that enhance our character and enrich our minds. The memories we share mark an indelible journey through our college years that is symbolic of loyalty, perseverance, and personal achievement.



One of the key benefits of joining a sorority versus a club is the core concept of sisterhood.


What is sisterhood? Dictionary.com defines sisterhood as an association of women striving to achieve a common goal. 


What is sisterhood to Delta Lambda Chi?

↠ A family away from home.

↠Friends who you can always rely on.


Delta Lambda Chi's common goal is to create an environment for women to better themselves as students, sisters, daughters, friends, and most importantly, people. We pride ourselves in our diversity and our respect for ourselves and others. Just like every other family, we have our good and bad days, but it is through the good and bad times where we find ourselves creating a bond that can withstand any trials.


By being a member of this sisterhood, we aim to enrich our college experience, not hinder it. We each have a genuine desire to help each other grow individually as we collectively work to make our organization prosper into something that will challenge, and possibly redefine ourselves, as we integrate these four core values into our daily lives-- sisterhood, service, leadership, and academics. Through these four values, we find success within ourselves, the organization, and society. We find the glue that holds us together as sisters.